Is it becoming an ADDICTION?!!


I may not have as much makeup as the Beauty Gurus that you may have seen on YouTube but this is a lot for me after just two weeks. Seriously, though. I went from Beauty Insider at Sephora to V.I.B. in ONLY TWO WEEKS! Crazy right?! I’m obsessed with makeup now…and maybe I’m addicted. Gahhh!

I just got myself a 32 slot lipstick holder from TJMaxx and I am extremely eager to fill it up!

Speaking about lipsticks, I finally got my hands on Jennifers Nude and Juliannes Nude lipstick by L’Oréal from Target. I have been searching and searching for those lipsticks and finally got them. They were constantly out of stock and when I saw them, I did put them back the night before and I told myself that if they were there the next day, I’ll get them and they were, so I did. Yes!

I’m in the works of collecting EVERYTHING TOO FACED! EVERYTHING!!! Maybe two of everything, we’ll see. I’ve got two Original Chocolate Bars anf two Semi-sweet Chocolate Bars, (plus a few that were defected), can you tell that I’m addicted to Too Faced. Yes, Ma’am, I definitely am.

Well this is the end of my random spiel. Now back to biz.

Love yah always!


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