Going another 90° – Make Up

So, let me say that I love crafting, but I picked up another art… MAKE UP! I am so obsessed with trying out new techniques and expanding my collection! Seriously, I think I went overboard shopping when I first watched Jaclyn Hill on YouTube. I know I didn’t need to buy a bunch at first and should have started small, but, hey, I really couldn’t help myself! I needed to get them all!!!!!! But soon, I will one day I’ll own them all!

I super excited to try out new products and techniques. I do mix my own oils for topical use and they are truly blowing my mind. I never thought I would be mixing my own oils to create a solution to acne, blemishes, spot treatments, dark spots, headaches, nausea, migraines….so much. But they are 100% PURE ORGANIC OILS. Great for all skin types. I’m so EXCITED!!


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