My Mini-California Adventure

Our trip to California wasn’t all fun and games. It was fun but we were on serious business. Learning all the information we need to build our business to create an asset for our future. Well, I won’t be going into depth about that.

Let’s talk a little of the adventures I’ve been on. It really wasn’t a big adventure, I spent some time with my dad and grandma there too, the live about an hour away from LAX airport. The day we got there, October 7, 2015, we first went to eat some Chinese food at a chinese buffet called China buffet. Ate quite a lot, I was really just craving some shumai.

After that we headed to my dads place, settled in and took a nap. My grandma took me to Target to pick up some panties, yes, my grandma took me to buy panties, well my grandma bought me panties. I unfortunately didnt pack enough…intentionally because I ran out of time packing and I knew I could buy some when we get to Cali. Then we went to Olive Garden! I love Olive Garden. I ate stuffed rottini (I have no idea how to spell that), had a fancy strawberry lemonade  (it has a fancy name that I don’t remember), and a triple chocolate mousse cake. It was so delicious!!! Oh I also received a few packages. A set of 31 high quality make up brushes, 100% Pure Oregano oil (I am falling in love with theraputic oils), more makeup and the best makeup setting spray ever by Skindinavia (which makes Urban Decays setting sprays).

On thursday, we dropped off my grandma at work in Leisure World then we dropped my dad off at home so he can rest and off to Burbank we went! I wanted go to Morphe and check out the shop. And did I do some damage. Got a few palettes and some single eyeshadows to build my a custom palette. Then we went to dinner to eat some Thai food at Uncle Tims. Oh and we had some Krispy Kreme, I had the original glazed creame filled donut.

On Friday, Justen and I did some galavanting and went to the warehouse to pick up a few things we needed and because we had an hour wait we went to Target and picked up a few more things and I needed some make up essentials. Then we headed to Ontario for the weekend.

We got back to my dads place super early Monday morning. Like 2 or 3 am that morning. Slept in the car and woke up to my dad and grandma banging on the window waking us up. Then we took a nap in bed and went to pick up my grandma at 12 noon and then we went to dollar tree and I picked up a few more make up palettes. Then we went to eat at Sizzlers. Those corn fritter things…..oh my gosssshhhhhhhh! sooooo gooooood! to learn how to make that! We took my grandma to see the Nutrilite center and we did a little shopping there in the gift shop. After that we went home to pack because in less than 18 hours, we were getting on a plane to head back home to beautiful Hawaii! I will be back in a few months. Guaranteed! We did go to GEN for dinner and that food was AAHHHHHMAAAZING!!! I love Korean food just as much as I love Thai food. The food was quick and delish! Highly recommend. Oh and I cannot forget to mention that I brought home a box (a dozen) of Krispy Creme donuts…Im debating if I want to share or not. 🙂

Since a lot of things can’t get shipped to Hawaii, I get them sent to my daddy (who is the BESTEST DADDY EVER! Not to brag…but he really is!) and he ships them to me. Its also expensive to have them shipped to Hawaii, sometimes $50+, RIDICULOUS I TELL YOU!!! So he ships them to me after it gets shipped to him. I do have a gown coming my way very soon. Its a gold shimmery sequined gown. So excited!

Anyways. I was kind of sad that I had to leave and that the trip was so short, but, I WILL BE BACK hopefully to have a little more days to spend with my dad and grandma. I’ll most likely be back within the next 4 months.

Well, now that we are back in Hawaii, its time to make things happen.

Thanks for reading!
Love always, Marai ♡


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