Card 2 Foiling with Sticky Embossing Powder + Video – Let’s Make Cards


Foiling with Embossing Powder. love foiling and the effects foiling gives but I didn’t want to fuss with any glues and the mess with glues. So now I use Sticky Embossing Powder and I love it!

Just remember to make sure your melted embossing powder is cooled and for fine details, prevent using a bone folder or putting too much pressure down because it may spread and you won’t have the detail. Also, DO NOT run it through a lamintor or a minc machine, IT WILL SPREAD and won’t be pretty. Trust me, I have learned from experience.

Well here is Card 2. I love foiling, it gives a nice touch to anything. I also love shiny things (…like DIAMONDS!)

Neenah Champagne cardstock 65lb (ONLY $ 4.99 pk 25) –
Neenah White cardstock 65lb (ONLY $4.99 pk 25) –
Waves Background Stamp
Clear Pigment Ink –
Whip Cream Cardstock –
Journey Heat Tool –
Journey Grand Calibur –
EK Success Powder tool (ONLY $6.99) –
Sticky Stuff Embossing Powder (ONLY $6.99) –
Mini Cutting Board
iCraft Gold Deco Foil – ellenhutson
Teflon Bone folder – ellenhutson
Circle Stax 2 die – mftstamps
Hellp Gorgeous stamp set – ellenhutson
Princess Gold Embossing Powder (ONLY $ 5.99-
Scotch Tape Runner (ONLY $4.99) –
Mini Scoring Board – Ben Franklin Hawaii / HM Mart
ATG Gun purple 1/2 inch
Silhouette Pick Me Up tool (ONLY $6.99) –
EK Success Tweezers –
Tim Holtz craft knife – ellenhutson
Perfect Pearls –
Watch my video here.


Card 1 Semi-flat Shaker Card + Video – Let’s Make Cards


Giveaways. Discounts. New series.

Maraiah Crystal Designs is starting a new card making series called Let’s Make Cards which will be (if nothing gets in the way) posted every week or maybe even more than once. So I’m kicking it off today with Card 1 – Semi-flat shaker card.

I love sparkly and shiney things so I thought I’d make a shaker card. I used a supper intricate die and the trick is to use some extra shims and dryer sheets but I didn’t, so I had to poke out the pieces that didn’t come out. Using a Bloom Tool that has a roller bristle end and attachments that can help removing the small pieces.

Every month, or every four/five cards, I will be doing a Crafty Things giveaway to subscribers on my blog and youtube, so don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on my blog, facebook, IG: @MaraiahCrystalDesigns, YouTube Channel

Here are the supplies I used:
Poppy Stamps Ringling Background Die – simonsaysstamp
Neenah white 140Lb cardstock (pk. 25 ONLY $5.99) –
Journey Grand Calibur Die Cutting machine –
Neenah Vellum 30Lb –
Wonderful Day Stamp set –
Memento Tuxedo Black Ink (ONLY $4.99) –
Friends Like Us stamp set –
Copic Sketch Markers R02, YR00, R02 – Blick Art Supply, WA
3×3 inch round acrylic block with finger grip –
Fiskars titanium spring assist scissors – simonsaysstamp
Marvy Le Plume II in Black –
Foam Squares – simonsaysstamp
Journey White Liner Double stick tape –
Clear Acetate sheet –
Journey Special Celebration Sequins –
Journey Sparkle Dust –
Ek Success Powder tool (ONLY $5.99) –
Fiskars stamp press (medium ONLY $9.99 – or – large ONLY $14.99) –
Sistema sandwhich container – TJ Maxx
Rangers Liquid Platinum Embossing Powder – simonsaysstamp
Journey True Fusion Clear Pigment Ink Pad –
Journey (Presicion) Heat Tool –
Journey Paper Trimmer –
Martha Stewart Mini Scoring board – Ben Franklin Hawaii/HM Mart
Teflon Bone Folder – simonsaysstamp
Journey Black Licorice Card Stock –
Journey Glaze –
Modeling Spatula –
Mini Spoons –

Watch Card 1 – Semi-flat shaker card – Lets Make Cards series

Creamy Chicken Gnocchi


I love my Creamy Gnocchi Soup. Its so creamy, delicious, savory…my mouth is just getting watery. I can probably, not probably, I cab definitely eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thats how much I love it. Here’s a few ingredients you need.

Potato Gnocchi (really, you can add any amount you want)
2 cups half and half
4 cups chicken broth
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
1/2 lb. chicken breast in chunks
1 cup shredded parmigiano

Those six ingredients are pretty much what you need essentially, but you can add in these veggies in there too

Cooked spinach (I say cooked because I’m allergic to raw spinach)
And many other veggies

Then find your favorite breadstick recipe and then you have a delicious meal.

I love this soup. And I hope you give it a try.

Watercolor Smooshing using a Stamp Press + Video – Short Tutorial


Watercolor smooshing. What is that? Well, its been all the rage when Laura Bassen and Kristina Werner introduced it to the world of crafters, at least, those are the two amazing crafters I have seen made an impact on that technique. (With their permissions, I will be linking their videos and blogs).

I think watercolor backgrounds have a unique look and no two will ever look the same, unless photicopied, but who would want something photocopied anyways? I know I wouldn’t, so watercoloring, in my opinion, is one of the best ways of creating unigue projects.

All you need to create these pretty panels are a stamp press, dye inks (I used Distress Inks), water in a mister bottle, and either watercolor paper or 140lb cardstock (I used both).

Using a thicker or heavier weight cardstock prevents weird texture bubbles and it also allows the color to soak in a little better. It also prevents the pilling of the paper since you aren’t rubbing a brush across the surface. All you’re doing is pressing water and color onto the cardstock. It also helps when the cardstock is fully soaked with water, I think it helps the colors blend a little better and doesn’t leave a big puddle of color splotches.


You may look at your pieces and think its a total mess and you want to toss it. But don’t!!! When you die cut it, it would turn out rather pretty. I always keep my panels, ruined or not.

So have fun with watercolor smooshing amd watch my video tutorial here.

Happy Crafting!

Watercolor Smooshing using a Stamp Press Video link

Crafty Things 101 – Mini Ink Storage


Mini Ink Cube Storage

For mini ink cubes, I use these tins from Ranger. Its meant for mini Distress Inks but they fit the 1 x 1 inch cube inks too! I have a bunch of these tins that I use for other things too and I’ll probably mention them some other time.

Anyways this post will be pretty short. I’ll list a few ink cubes that fit in these tins.


Distress Ink








Hero Arts


Simon Says Stamp

Also, Altenews ink cubes would fit in these tins.

I would label the tins using my P-Touch label maker and print out the color ranges along with the brand and then stick it on the short side.


Labeled Tins

These ink tins are once again pretty amazing. Im so glad I found a storage solution for thesw mini ink tins. They also fit perfectly on my shelf. Btw, I don’t mind them being on their sides.

Crafty Things 101 – Watercolor Markers


Storage for my double ended waterbased markers

Talking about watercolor markers is gonna be a toughy for me today. I don’t own too much watercolor markers but I do have markers that are watercolor and markers that can be used for watercoloring.

There will be some watercolor markers I’m going to list but not really talk about.

Distress Markers
Stampin Write Markers
Marvy Le Plume II
Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens
Stabilo Pens (Point 68 & 88)
Akashiya Sai Brush Markers

Stampin Write Markers SWM
So, when I was a SU demonstrator, I learned about watercoloring with the SWM from videos I saw on YouTube. I can’t properly give credit to who I learned it from because there are so many. Its pretty awesome. Scribble the marker onto a sheet of acetate or an acrylic block and pick up the color using a watercolor paint brush or the SU blender pen.

General Note
The same methed (without the blender pen) can pretty much be achieved with all the other pens, even the brush pens. But I’ll mention some other techniques for the markers I’ve listed.

Anyways, moving on.

Distress Markers
Distress Markers are awesome for watercoloring. I definitely love them and own every color. They run about $3.50 a marker and worth the investment over time. Thay are dual tip, brush and fine. They are also reactive with water when dry so you can do so many techniques with these markers.

Marvy Le Plume II
These markers were intended to be scribbled over the surface of stamps to have a variety of colors on one stamp impression. I discovered these markers when I was curious how they work. Then I realized watercoloring with them was great. One of the first sets is all primary colors and they are pretty true to having primary colors. These also have brush and fine points.



Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens & Akashiya Sai Brush Markers
These markers are awesome. I will talk about both of them since they have similar properties. They both have bristle point nibs and are great for many many different techniques. For example you can do Tip to Tip color transfer techniques without harming your marker nibs. Also you can touch the tip into water to have a watercolor look or a faded/ombre effect.

I love these markers. They are so awesome. Definitely worth the investment. The Clean Color Real Brush Pens come in a variety different packs from 12 to 60 and 20 other markers are open stock and have to be bought individually. And the Akashiya are only in the 20 pack. Both are non refillable.

None of these are refillable.




Stabilo Pens ( Point 68 & 88 )
I only own several of these markers so I can’t say too much, but I know that they are both waterbased so just scribbling some of the color and pulling the color out with a waterbrush works well. They come in a variety of packs and colors and I love these pens. I mainly use them for my planner, not so much for watercoloring.


I dont use a lot of markers for watercoloring but with what I do have I think I have a good variety of colors that fill in gaps of each other.

First FSJ Unboxing for the New Quarter

Fun Stampers Journey is truly one of the best ctafting companies I have come across. The people you work with stay in contact with you ALL the time! And I absolutely love it and I haven’t experienced that kind of communication in this craft industry. They truly make you feel like family.

I got a whole bunch of ink pads. I wanted to complete my collection of colors but I have another package coming with the rest of my colors. Im just showing a little snippet of what I got right now and when I get back from Washington and have my cumulative order, I’ll do a video 🙂 sound good?

Also, I decided to choose the Heat Tool to use my *Journey Dollars and I think its awesome!

I already have the Due Cutting Machine and I absolutely love it! I love that you can fit a full A4 (8 1/2″ × 11″) cardstock. Its amazing! Plus its a lot easier and smoother to crank (awesome for those that get hand cramps or with arthritis).

*Journey Dollars: For different amounts spent, you get to choose free products with Journey Dollars. (I hope I explained that good enough).

Leave a comment below or email me at to request for a copy of the Catalog (pay only $3.99 shipping).

Also ask how you can earn some Journey Dollars for FREE stuff!!! (You DO NOT need to be a coach to earn free stuff).

Visit me at Fun Stampers Journey
Founding Journey Coach: Maraiah Crystal Tapac
Coach No. 340

Going back home to Hawaii – is it weird that Im sad?

I should be excited to go back home to Hawaii…but I’m sad. I like experiencing new places and living in the mainland is one of them. I wish to someday move to the “Mainland” (the Continental US).

I love the change of environment, the nice weather (without the humidity). I like fast pace. Hawaii, not to put them down in any ways what so ever, is laid back, not too much worries. I’m won’t be looking forward to the traffic though, but who does anyways?

We were Spokane, Washington for a few days and its beautiful, sadly this year, we weren’t able to explore around too much like we did last year.


Loaves of bread were 99 cents!!!! Our loaves costs almost $4!!!!!! Seriously insane. But thats not all.


There’s a Joanns!!!! We do NOT have one in Oahu, Hawaii (I wish we did).

Crafty Things 101 – Minc Machine + iCraft Deco Foil


I saw these foils all at Ellen Hutson and all over YouTube and decided to give these a try. I also got some Deco Foil from Tupelo Designs, Llc. Just remember to get your laminator nice a warm (or hot) before feeding your project through.

I got this laminator from I had a gift card that I got from a friend of mine. It’s inexpensive and worth it.

Its the one that could fit a 12″ × 12″ sheet of paper. Like I said, its very durable yet inexpensive and an amazing investment if you don’t need the Minc at the moment.

My hunny also gave me a little crafty anniversary gift and got me a pretty Minc Machine!! He knows I love gold so he got it for me! Love him so much!

I actually have two Mincs so I’ll be giving one away soon 🙂 (Sorry for my clutter…those are my Artistry loose powder foundations-which sponsored the Miss America pageant for many years).

I have the mini 6 inch Minc machine by Anna Griffin coming in the mail soon and it’ll be a perfect addition to my desk since its pretty compact.


Google search

These foils are so awesome! It isn’t all the colors buts its enough….for now 🙂


Heres a photo (from a google search) of a few -or maybe all- of the iCraft deco foils.

Crafty Things 101 – MISTI Tool


The MISTI Tool is simply amazing. I love the design and the concept of the stamp positioner, although I found that it had cracked at the edges. Its like it has stretch marks. I used the recommended cleaner and take great care of it, but within a couple of uses, it had cracked and I have no idea why. But on the other hand My Sweet Petunia’s policy is awesome.

So what is MISTI anyways? Its the Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented! And its pretty true. Its a stamp positioner and its awesome. It basically has a grid lined door and you pick up your stamps when you close the door. There are a bunch of videos all about it. My explanation does no justice.

I almost always use my MISTI, especially when Im doing multiple cards. Making multiple cards is awesome so I easily have cards to give away or make sets from.


Sometimes I wonder why everybody doesn’t have this amazing tool. But its because if cost and most crafters are on a budget and can’t spend money of everything! Even though we want to. But I’m doing a MISTI giveaway! Not now, but in the very very very near future on my blog only!

Making card sets also make great gifts!! Plus a MISTI give away in a later post. Subscribe to keep updated.

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