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Short but Amazingly COLORFUL!


Color Swatch Time – Inks and Blending

So I finally had some to organize my some of the hundreds of color swatches I have. So I’m sitting on the floor while my other half is setting up our printer doing my swatches and I just love how I can have all my colors in one place.


Today, I started working on My Favorite Things Hybrid Inks which I’ve been meaning to work on since January. I have my ink swatch staml ad my stamp cleaner out for convenience.

When I first started doing my ink swatches I wanted to do it in a way where it was easiest for me and since I love generational stamping I decided that I would do it for my watches. I stamped three generations of each color and it had shown me what ink and type of ink (not including the Distress Inks and some pigment inks) would be great for generational stamping.


What I also did for the inks that I want to blend together, I placed the foam that I used behind the swatch.


When I start to organize my cardstocks, but specifically the ones that have a coordinating ink, I’m going to cut a piece about 1/4″ x 2″ of the cardstock and adhear it down to the swatch. I’ll talk more about it later on in my blog.

But as for the labels I use, I buy the Avery labels measuring 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ white address labels and I loce how neat and organized and inexpensive they were. You could also stamp a tiny swatch color on the label too! Something you can’t really do with the P-Touch label maker.


I would just jump on my computer and type out all the inks. Even though there are a lot of inks, I type them out faster on my computer than my label maker so its a plus.

For my Distress Inks, I don’t do a lot of stamping, but, I do a lot of blending so for those swatches I stamped the first generation (stamping only once) and blended, going from dark to light starting in one corner.

I am still in the process of labeling them, so please don’t mind my messy handwriting :).

I will definitely have more about Ink Swatches and some downloads of the labels and maybe even a video.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Huge Project Announcement!

So if you have been reading my blog or kept in touch with me on Instagram, I am currently working on a huge project…which I am not revealing but letting everyone know to keep updated.

As this is going on, I want to also let crafters know that I will be opening my Etsy shop really soon where you can find some crafting tools and supplies as well as some art by me.

In my shop you will see prices but if you find something cheaper somewhere else and can email me that you found it cheaper, I will honor that price PLUS give you and additional 5% discount, and every purchase comes with a gift!

Email me at MaraiahCrystalDesigns@gmail.com